Lesson 2: Lesson 2: Pinky Strength I'm a Happy Doggie

In this lesson, we expand on lesson 1, and focus on strengthening pinkies.

Preparing for the second lesson

Your child should be playing the lesson 1 exercises fluidly at this point. 

Lesson 2 also has a right hand exercise and a left hand exercise. The only hand posture requirement is that we don't "karate chop" with our pinky.  Instead, have the child keep his hand reasonably level when using the pinky:

Demonstration of right, wrong, and acceptable ways to engage the pink for these exercises


Your child can have some tilt in their hand while playing with his pinky and still get the strength-building benefits from the exercise (see above video) , but be sure that you yourself always play it with perfect posture when demonstrating it for him.

Here are the words to the exercises:

I'm a Happy Doggie

Give a dog a bone to chew.
Doggie wags his tail for you.
I'm a happy doggie 'cause I got a tasty bone.

We'll be singing this song for the next three lessons.

Make sure the practice chart is set to lesson 2. Practice every day!


I'm a Happy Doggie, demo videos

Right Hand


Left Hand





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