Lesson 7: Arpeggio Sneak Preview -- Arpeggio C-F-G

The student will play arpeggios up and down the scale, using a large swath of notes that have been hitherto dormant in the exercises.  The purpose here is not so much to begin a study of arpeggio playing, but rather to make the student aware of the sound of notes spelled out in a major chord, and that the chord structure is cyclical. 

<also, put See Me Practice Piano Now hands together>

Practice chart for lesson 7:

Comprehensive video for home-teachers for lesson 7

Bare essentials video for home-teachers for lesson 7:

Supplementary video for untrained home-teachers for lesson 7:

Student video for lesson 7:

 Arpeggio C-F-G:


See Me Practice Piano Now/
So We Can Develop Now:


1-2-3 Triad:


 Walking Up and Down the Stairs: