Lesson 9: Grasping Chords -- Triad Inversions

The main exercise in this lesson will regrettably be the most tedious thus far for both you and your child, but it is essential for grasping chords, both literally and figuratively.  The practicing of triad inversions will require you to hover over your child while they search for the right fingers and right notes. For this reason, it is essential that you can play this exercise effortlessly before you begin teaching it to your child.  The most difficult part about triad inversions is that the fingering is not the same for each inversion, and also that the right and left hands have different fingerings.

The second new exercise may require some initial hovering while your student transforms "See Me Practice Piano Now" from contrary motion to parallel motion. We will continue to review the arpeggio and the "Walking Up and Down the Stairs," as well as daily listening to the "C Me Practice Piano" CD.

Practice chart for lesson 9:

Comprehensive video for home-teachers for lesson 9

Bare essentials video for home-teachers for lesson 9:

Supplementary video for untrained home-teachers for lesson 9:

Student video for lesson 9: