Lesson 10: "C" Me Practice Piano -- C Me Practice Piano

This lesson will be characterized by the student as finally playing the "C Me Practice Piano" song that they have been listening and singing along to for the past two weeks. You must point out that the beginning of each 6-note phrase starts a with syllable that is homonymous with the name of the note: C me practice piano D-tails are important E-ven though it's such an F-fort to be working G I really think I'm A-ble and prepared to B good for my friends to C. While this may be fund for your child, of greater importance is the continued mastery of the triad inversions, with need for continued hovering likely.  We will continue review of the arpeggio, the "See Me Practice Piano Now" in parallel, and "Walking Up and Down the Stairs". In preparation for this lesson, additional stickers should be placed on the piano as follows:


Practice chart for lesson 10:

Comprehensive video for home-teachers for lesson 10

Bare essentials video for home-teachers for lesson 10:

Supplementary video for untrained home-teachers for lesson 10:

Student video for lesson 10:

Sheet music for lesson 10: C Me Practice Piano

Audio recording of "C Me Practice Piano":