Lesson 11: Cadences -- Amen/Yeah Man!

In this lesson, we will introduce our first chord progressions, the plagal cadence, also known as the "Amen" cadence, and the authentic cadence, which we will here call the "Yeah, man!" cadence. For this week, the left hand will only play a the "Amen" cadence, and the right hand will mirror it separately with the "Yeah, man" cadence.  In each cadence, the notes of the chords will change, as will the fingering, so be prepared to hover.  Your work with triad inversions for the past two weeks will make this an easier task.  We will also play "C Me Practice Piano" hands together.  Because of the difficulty in putting hands together we will officially assign only the first four phrases, with the hope that your child may get motivated to finish the last four.  Finally, your child will play "Hot Crossed Buns" by ear. Review will consist of "Walking Up and Down the Stairs".  

Practice chart for lesson 11:

Comprehensive video for home-teachers for lesson 11

Bare essentials video for home-teachers for lesson 11:

Supplementary video for untrained home-teachers for lesson 11:

Student video for lesson 11:

Amen/Yeah, Man: