Lesson 15: Asynchronous Hands Together -- I Get Hot Playing Piano

In this lesson, we will play the Right hand melody version of "I Get Hot Playing Piano" hands together.  This is a first for the child, who has hitherto only ever played right and left hand which were synchronized in rhythm.  To facilitate the stress of this new endeavor, you should play the left hand while your student plays the right, then switch, playing the right while the student plays the left. Do this three times without mistakes before attempting to put your students' hands together.  When he/she plays together, you will need to point to which finger plays next, and which stays held on the key.  The best part of this exercise is that your student will eventually become confident in his/her ability to work on putting hands together, with the confidence that success is just around the corner. Have your child play it three times each day.  

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Practice chart for lesson 15:

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Sheet music for lesson 15: I Get Hot Playing Piano, RH

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