Lesson 16: Chord Accompaniment -- Skip to My Lou

In this lesson, we will begin work on "Skip to My Lou" with your child first playing the right hand unaccompanied, and then the left hand accompaniment with you playing the melody. We assume that you have had success in putting the hands together for "I Get Hot Playing Piano", so we are going to move on to a more challenging song.  Before beginning this lesson, you should be able to play the song flawlessly hands together. 

Continue to review "I Get Hot Playing Piano", "Amen/Yeah Man", "C Me Practice Piano", and "Walking Up and Down the Stairs."

Practice chart for lesson 16:

Comprehensive video for home-teachers for lesson 16

Bare essentials video for home-teachers for lesson 16:

Supplementary video for untrained home-teachers for lesson 16:

Student video for lesson 16:

Sheet music for lesson 16: Skip to My Lou

Audio recording of "Skip to My Lou":